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Energy Efficencies

Electric Industrial Vacuums

Ultra Vac is an industry leader in our effort to reduce our impact on the environment.  All of our residential and light commercial trucks and vans do not use traditional gas powered vacuums.


Our residential and light commercial duct cleaning vacuums use efficient electric motors!  A typical gas powered 3.5 horsepower four stroke engine that powers a traditional duct vacuum emits the same VOCs, NOx and CO (key precursors to smog) in an hour as FORTY (40) new cars produce when they run for the same one hour in time!  (Source: California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board, May 20, 1999). Our new electric duct vacuums produce ZERO emissions!  


This means that over the course of a year, one of our five electric vacuum duct trucks and vans saves the environment an equivalent amount of green house gas as FIFTY THOUSAND hours of cars driving!!!


 A duct vac runs for an average of five hours a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year.  Each hour of run time is equivalent to 40 cars running for one hour. 

5hours X 5days  X 50weeks  X 40cars = 50,000hours


Although our electrical industrial vacuums don't actually remove ghosts, they do produce a staggering five thousand cubic feet per minute of suction!  To put this power into perspective, a typical microwave has one cubic feet of space inside it.  That means our vacuums help to remove five thousand microwaves of dust, dirt and debris every minute we are connected to the system!

Retaining Heat During A Winter Duct Cleaning

When we use our truck mounted vacuums in winter, we use our custom canvass temporary door systems to prevent heat loss in your home and business.  These doors attach in seconds and are designed to not damage your door frame.  These doors allow our vacuum hosing and pneumatic scrubbing system's air line hosing to enter your home or business and significantly reduce heat loss while we work!

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