The Ultra Vac Family

Ultra Vac Furnace & Duct Cleaning focuses our efforts on providing our customers the absolute best Quality, Service and Price in the industry.  We are very careful to research and ensure the companies we purchase possess this standard of customer care and have the best equipment in the industry.


All the companies who are part of our corporate family share our commitment to unlimited duct cleaning pricing, possess exceptional online ratings and were ran by business owners who care about their customers and the legacy of their businesses.  It is an honour to provide each of these companies clients' with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.


Healthy Air Duct Cleaning

Healthy Air began seventeen years ago in 2004 through the diligent work of Richard.  Richard believed that by providing clients' with the most powerful equipment in the industry and taking the time to thoroughly clean the ENTIRE duct system of a home he could build a brand based on the best customer experience possible.


City Vac

City Vac began ten years ago in 2011 and was a family run business.  


Pro Air Duct Cleaning

Pro Air is a duct cleaning company designed by Adil Zeynalli.  Pro Air has five years experience providing Manitoba with specialized duct cleaning focused on condominiums, apartment buildings, slab homes and crawl spaces.